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The Best New Nail Color Collection 2014

This next classification is one for all you lovers of color — fingernail color, that is. We are happy to start the surveys for: The Best New Nail Color Collection 2014.
The Best New Nail Color Collection 2014
Over the last season, we have colored our numbers every color under the sun. From wealthy indigos to sharp white wines and everything in between, we’ve seen it all. But, somehow, we handled to filter our top choices down to six varies that, ahem, nailed it.

Read on for a fast explanation of each of these six outstanding new fingernail selections, and throw a elect for your preferred in our study, below.

(PS. Do not ignore to come back each day for more StyleBistro Prizes categories! The champions will be declared on Aug 26th.)

Pierre Hardy for Nars ($29 per set at

The Best New Nail Color Collection 2014 02
What do you get when you merge a significant elegance product and a significant footwear designer? 12 heel-inspired fingernail lacquers, that’s what! In May, Nars signed up with up with Pierre Sturdy for a selection of six fingernail enhance duos (12 shades in all) motivated by the producer’s summer time 2012 footwear. As if we weren’t delighted enough about this coupling, each $29 duo came packed in small footwear containers — with dirt bags! Bonuses for lovely packaging!

Julep’s Jazz music Collection ($14 each at

The Best New Nail Color Collection 2014 03

Let’s be sincere, this season was the season of Gatsby. The charm and the charm of the Roaring ’20s was existing not only on the big display but in our elegance purses, as well. We ornamented our claws with the wealthy shades of Julep’s Jazz music Collection, which involved shades like Myrtle: a flapper red creme, Zora: a frosted gem with a contact of light red, and Zelda: a metal light red sparkling wine, to name a few. Let’s just say this nine-shade selection definitely assisted us route our inner Flower Buchanan!

Butter London’s The Royalty Collection ($39 for the set at

The Best New Nail Color Collection 2014 04

ICYMI, a certain Duchess across the lake had a kid this season. Long ago in Apr, when Kate Middleton’s kid push was, well, just a push, Butter launched a limited-edition solid aubergine fingernail color in respect of the soon-to-be little elegant. The fairly violet hue, adorably known as Pitter Patter, signed up with two other formerly launched shades to make The Royalty Collection. It’s a throw up on which we liked more: No More Waity, Anne, a semi-sheer greige lilac sparkle that was first presented in celebration of Royal prince Bill and Kate Middleton’s involvement or Lillibet’s Jubilee, a silver-lavender metal that was designed in respect of the Queen’s Precious stone Jubilee trip last season.

Ciaté’s Blackboard Nail cutting Kit ($25 at

The Best New Nail Color Collection 2014 05

Ever have those times where you wish you could be a kid again? Really, we do too. All. The. Time. Well, with Ciaté’s lively chalkboard manicure kit, our inner kid was set free! The impressive kit has a flat dark “blackboard” platform cover, four chalk pencils that clean off with h2o, and one Mattnificent top cover to close in your work of art doodles.

Deborah Lippmann’s Punk stone Rock Collection ($19 each at

The Best New Nail Color Collection 2014 06

Edgy flat shines took middle level this season, and D Lippmann had us completely on panel with her group of 3 of spackle-texture, matte-finish lacquers motivated by the punk field. Not only were we insane about the shades from her Punk stone Rock Collection, but we couldn’t get over their traditional D tongue-in-cheek names: I Want to Be Sedated, a wealthy green-yellow; Pretty Empty, a awesome dove gray; and I Battled the Law, an in-depth fast glimmer.

Sally Hansen’s Fluffy Coat Distinctive Nail Colors ($6.49 at Focus

The Best New Nail Color Collection 2014 07

This textured selection by Sue Hansen not only appeared like a special event in a container, but with eight different shades, there was one for every occasion! When used, Fluffy Coats’s multi-hued specks was similar to one of our preferred meals groups: sprinkles. Yes, these fun texture-filled colors created our numbers look just as delicious as a images cupcake. Marketed.

Now it is really up to you! Let us know which selection you think should get to win the headline of ” The Best New Nail Color Collection 2014 ” Vote, down below!

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